Wednesday, June 23, 2004

Education: A Look at Programmes of the Kenyan Socialists.

As i promised i have been going through the programme put forward by the Kenyan Socialists and while i agree with some issues, others are plainly wack. The advocating for free education in all levels is a welcome sign though i would like to know this will be funded. Compulsory education is another welcome factor and so is increase in spending in education.
But my main bone of contention lies with some ideas proposed that don't seem to be real. For one, eliminating private schools. The introduction of a curriculum committe is an attempt to brainwash the student ....Telling people what they should learn..> and not allowing them choices. Hell no!!! I don't want to be forced to read what the establishment thinks is right. I want to read what i think is appropriate for me any given day. I want to learn about Marx, Socrates, Plato, Karl Popper, Dickens e.t.c. I want to be well rounded in what i read and not get stuck into a pre-set sychronized motion.
Private schools are there to cater for those who have specific beliefs and ideologies. All my life i have been to schools where i belived that my beliefs could be accomodated. Or should i say i have been to Catholic schools? Thats where i have found what my beliefs are accomodated and there is no pressure on my part to change my values.
Others go to private schools to get an international experience...the AP experience e.t.c. What the socialist is trying to tell us is that this is not supposed to happen and we should all be equal...which would be a tremendous achievement to achive. Thats why i vote against this notion...I belive in my Catholic education experience and what i have learnt has made me who i am today.

The issue of language is a thorny issue. Having been to school with Tanzanians, i know what it means to be taught in Swahili for almost your entire life. Those i have met had a hard time coping up in Sciences , English e.t.c. In this world you need to learn a language that connects everybody and English is one of them..For you hard trekkers Mandarin might be an option since Russian is a killer(trust me...the only world i never forget in nyet). I think government has no say in the education process. They should not be allowed to dictate what is to be taught...we need separation of education and the State. 8-4-4 is still an excellent education system. What we need is to revisit the issue and make it workable. Changes are not neccesarily an inclination of better things to happen. So to Osewe and Onyangoo on education i give you guys 30%. You need to change your radical reforms.

Monday, June 21, 2004

The Kenyan Socialist I : Caravan of Dreams?

Is socialism a relevant, feasible or desirable idea in contemporary society? Or is it dead, merely a historical relic of the 20th century? Thats a question i pose to the Okoth Osewe and Onyangoo Oloo.
Having studied the programme on your site i think you folks need a reality check..the ideas are plainly outlandish which can never pass to any sober Kenyan any given day. Your organization is simply try to whip up emotions of the masses in an attempt to get stronghold in the political process. When someone starts mentioning peasants, oppresed workers it pisses me off. No succesful system has ever been able to keep its promises to the working class after grabbing power. They grab power and then oppress those they swore to protect. Russia is a good example..after the peasants helped we soon had KGB, the Directorate e.t.c....oh!!!! Were the oppressive forces not to be done away with.

Nationalisation of Land....What a clever idea...> Then what happens next...Oloo and Osewe will build Dacha's in Muthaiga for the Politburo? The common Moscovite who fought for change could not even afford an apartment while the fat cats lived comfortably in their Dachas. Well they can argue that since they were fighting to keep the country they needed the fine things in life. Yet the peasant or should i say serf starved in the country side due to inflated food production data.
Nationalisation of industries...Shall we emulate the Chinese and have backyard furnaces to avoid importing steel from abroad?!!!!

Compulsory military draft...> What next...The Nairobi Foreign Institute for the gifted students who are dedicated to the party. Guys i think you need a reality check... Will talk to you later

For those interested in the maniacal content please check  The Kenyan Socialist

Cigars..Mhhh!!!! Presidente

For the last 2 months I have been trying to become a cigar expert..The rolling, the flavors, the marketing e.t.c. This is one of the craziest projects that I have tried in a long time. Trying to understand all those names..Presidente, Torpedo, Monte Chriso...> e.t.c. trying to understand what the Humidor is used for...>
And sadly learning that you can't import the Havana from Cuba due to trade regulations. Its an interesting hobby but its more safe if you don't inhale those fumes. You may smoke but don't inhale. Hopefully in the next few months I will attend some Cigar conference, read enough journals and after the skills roll one big one. What a life!!!