Saturday, October 14, 2006

Politics 101

In 3 weeks time, the American voter will decide who dominates the Senate and Congress...Yes its what we call mid-term elections which will either make or break George Bush....> but the question is," Democrats or Republicans".
Personally i have never been comfortable with the Democrats since they never have a clear message or answer to Republicans...i mean only Dubya has given me tax-breaks... and this coming season i see Democrats screwing me up saying i earn too much.

Republicans? Apart from the tax-breaks and 100% for the Second amendment(ohh!!! yeah...i like hunting) there is nothing good happening. They have started competing with the Catholic priests on who can screw the most boys while advocating to uphold morals in America. Representative Mark Foley is an example of these filty men who exploit the 'faith' issues to get votes from dim-witted Episcopal followers or should i say faith based voting. I can't imagine this scandal erupted like 3 years but this 'faith based' republicans like "Holy" speaker from Illnois Denis Hastert kept this hidden...i don't think God likes men who screw young boys.
Representatibe Bob Ney agreed to resign after pleading guilty to corruption linked to one Jack Abramoff...the modern day Washington godfather. We have Tom Delay and many more Republicans who are spoiling the good name of the "Grand Old Party."

Beer!!! Beer!!! Thats what everybody is blaming their problems on. Foley, Ney and others(Mel Gibson() all claim beer lead to their actions...thats simply crap!!!! beer doesn't make you do some crazy s-hit like that. Yes you get F*** up but it doesn't make you screw little boys or curse at the Jews.
I can handle my alcohol and the only crazy thing that came to my head was to swim at the Berkeley pier...its not the beer but you who controls your fate. Talking about more Heineken...for those who want to avoid hangovers try Hefe hangovers...and tastes okay...only after Tusker.

So what happens after November 7? Most probably the Democrats will take the House and Senate......give Dubya a hard time....with all this Iraq and Afghanistan + North Korea shit....> No more tax breaks....> Better immigration policies, better health care...better foreign policy...blahhh!!!blah!!! But guess what i would never VOTE Democrat...> After all who's the chicken now?